Court Tennis is back in Chicago!

The Racquet Club of Chicago revived court tennis after more than a 75 year hiatus by opening a new court on October 25th, 2012. The international opening lasted 4 days, but some like our friend John Crowell from The Racquet Club of Philadelphia enjoyed the event for a week because he couldn’t return to Philadelphia on account of hurricane Sandy. Three former world champions were in attendance and all five active tennis nations were represented. The anthems of each nation were sung before the black tie dinner on Saturday night. Those nations represented were France, Australia, Scotland, Great Britain and The United States. The court had a Chicago opening frequented by over 250 members in September and has been open for play since July. This, however, was the grand opening and it is now officially open nationally and internationally! The only other opening of a court in the last thirty-two years was at Princes Court outside of Washington in October 1997. For more information, please visit

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